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Some ideas
« on: June 11, 2020, 10:30:35 PM »

I have some ideas to server.

1. More farm zones with no agngels mobs for another atribute class like holy weapon - TK, Pal. Undead zones for EEs, SEs, Bishops.
Now the server prefer only dark atribute classes.

2 Pet buffer system its a joke now. You have to wait 4-5 sec between buffs. No dances, no songs, no chants. Thanks that summoners are useless in pvp. It should be "pet" button in main buffer and normal buffs. When want to use wolf to fight there is no chance to buff him.

3. System vote sometimes it doesn't work properly. 3rd page is buged sometimes.

4. I think that all farm zones should be non PVP. Sometimes u can't farm because pvp max players all +20 kill and kill and kill players +0 and feel like heros.

5. Apella set is A grade and requires S grade armor enchant scroll. Don't understand it. Angels drops too many Enchant scrolls A grade and it is
completely unnecessary if u can't enchant apella set.

6. Clan halls like: Wild Beast Reserve, Fortress of the Dead, Devastated Castle, Rainbow Chateu. NPC tells u can buy it in auctioneer. Not works.

Thats all for this moment. Think about that please.